Privacy Policy

This policy outlines uses and protection of the information that you provide us. Your personal informations are very important, and we are very dedicated to the protection of those information. To keep your piece of mind this privacy policy outlines the procedures and security measures we take to ensure your data are safe.

We only collect the following information from you, for the purpose of processing an order: Your Name, Contact information including your email address and phone number, your shipping address and your billing address. These informations will be used to ensure the delivery of your order, the processing of your order and our internal record keeping, including order history.

Securing your information is of paramount importance to us. In order to ensure your details are safe and prevent unauthorised access, we manage various electronic procedures on a daily basis. Your card details will only be used for each order you place with us and are automatically deleted upon completion of your order. Your card details will not be saved on our system.

This website is meant to sensitize everyone about the usefulness and importance of Medical Marijuana.
Secondly, we are here to sell our products anonymously online.

This website has no link with the cops or any law enforcement agency of any kind.
This website does everything to protect everyone who visits it from any leaks, websites tracking or controls.
This website uses SSL encryption and every information entered here is safely processed. We do not keep any logs.

You are more than protected when dealing with us.

We do not share any information with any third party.

Ordering from us, you do not need and medical card or any shopping card. And any information you pass to us like your name, emails, address are only kept for time before your package is delivered. After your package is delivered, we permanently delete all your information and we do not hand them over to any third party for whatever reasons. So, every time you are placing an order with us, you still have to input your information.
Shipping our product is another area where we maintain high security both for you and for us.

We will never sell, distribute or lease out your personal information to any third party.